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You won’t need to think again about hiring us once you have read what our customers have had to say about the company and our translation services!

Alex B. Martin
Gary & Co. Corporation

We have been using the services of this company for quite some time now, and what we like the best is the quick turnaround of our projects, without any compromise on the quality of the work. We don’t know where we would be without these guys!

Martina S. Page
Softworks Global

We had been seeing no results of our efforts with regional websites, until we decided to hire this company to help us out with translations. They don’t just translate; they surely add some magic too, as their final product always brings the desired results!

Mark D. Hutchinson
Beer Engineering Company

We required translation services for product manuals and packaging, and we can proudly say that we didn’t make the wrong choice, when we chose this company. Intelligent, helpful and dedicated, the company sure exceeded our expectations!

Translation Services- What’s the Need?

Did you know that almost half of the world doesn’t understand English and can only talk and converse in their native languages? Have you ever wondered the potential audience you are missing out on, simply because you don’t understand them, and they don’t understand you? Can you imagine the revenue you can generate, if you could put your message across to them in THEIR native languages?

Well, the possibilities are endless and the opportunities aplenty! All you need to do is to replicate what you dish out in English in other languages as well. And how can you do that? Well, you can either use Google or Bing Translators, or hire the services of professional translators.

Most might go for Google or Bing Translators simply because they are freebies. Let’s just analyze where the effort of translating your content into other languages using Google or Bing would take you. Consider yourself as someone who has been approached by the Germans who want to market their services to you. Would you be interested if the marketing is done in half-cooked English, where you can’t understand most of what is being said, simply because the sentence structure makes no sense? No! What you would really want is for the marketers to easily converse with you in proper English, while using the proper catch phrases to catch your attention!

In simple words, Google or Bing translated content is not what would endear you or your business to anyone, who doesn’t understand English. What you would really need is to present yourself as a native, if you want to really get your targeted clients to warm up to you! It is here that translation services become so useful. And who better to start with than with us, a leading translation service company with professionals accomplished in French, Spanish and German along with English of course!

 Why Choose Metaphrase Design?

With translation services aplenty in the market, you might as well wonder what makes us standout. Well, for starters, Metaphrase Design has a team of native writers belonging to different countries, who are experts at writing and speaking both their own language and English without fault. As a result, the team here at the company can easily translate content from English to other languages, while keeping the theme of the content intact and spicing up the content with the native language’s own flavour as well.

We are the best at what we do, not only because we have a professional team but also because our dedication to our clients remains unmatched. We won’t treat translation tasks assigned by you as that of a client, but as that of our own, considering your win to be our win and your loss to be our loss, so as to deliver content that brings you the BEST results.

We know very well that not everyone’s needs are the same and thus, we make sure that we understand what is required of us through consistent communication. Our ability, our desire and our commitment then drives us to end up offering quality that remains unmatched.

Try us once and you won’t have to hire another translation service ever again! We can guarantee that!